Tomorrow: Building on Bitcoin Virtual Event

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  • When: April 19th, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. ET

  • Where: Virtual

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The notion of building on Bitcoin has seen a massive revival over the past couple of months, catalyzed in large part by Ordinals. Brand new builders, investors, and users are recognizing the unique opportunity to activate and enrich the Bitcoin economy. As a result, interest in Bitcoin-based protocols like Lightning, Stacks, Ordinals, and others is growing rapidly. To learn more, join us for in-depth conversations and exciting announcements as Bitcoin evolves beyond just a store of value.


  • George Kaloudis: Senior Research Analyst and Columnist, CoinDesk

  • Rena Shah: Head of OperationsTrust Machines

  • Muneeb Ali: CEO, Trust Machines

  • Caitlin Long: Founder & CEO, Custodia Bank

  • Udi Wertheimer: Co-Founder, Taproot Wizards

  • Daniel Fogg: President & Chief Operating Officer, IOV Labs (Rootstock Blockchain)

  • Alex Miller: CEO, Hiro Systems

  • Jamil Dhanani: Founder and CEO,

  • Elizabeth Alice Olson: Head of Growth, Xverse

  • John Ennis: CEO & Founder, Neoswap

  • Chiente Hsu: CEO and Co-Founder, ALEX

  • Andre Serrano: Product & Partnerships Lead, sBTC

  • Trevor Owens: Managing Partner, Bitcoin Frontier Fund

  • Josie Bellini: Founder and CEO, CyberBrokers

  • Tycho Onnasch: Co-Founder at Zest Protocol, General Manager at Trust Machines

  • LeonidasNFT HistorianCreator of

  • Will Foxley: Director of Media & StrategyCompass Mining

  • Joe Looney: Creator of Rarepepewalletbuilding tokens on bitcoin since 2014

  • Mark McKenzie: Founder of Megapont

  • Zhuoxun Yin: Co-FounderMagic Eden

  • Kyle Ellicott: Partner, Bitcoin Frontier Fund

  • John Light: Product, Sovryn

  • Zedd Yin: CoFounder / COO, Magic Eden

  • Matt Luongo: CEO, Thesis

  • Mike in Space: Inventor, Creator of the STAMPS protocol. Currently runs the #Bitcoin Stamps project.

  • Mark Hendrickson: Product Lead, Hiro Wallet

  • Mike Schmidt: Executive Director, Brink

  • Akshat Vaidya: Head of Investments, Maelstrom

  • Mark McKenzie: Co-founder, Megapont