Building on Bitcoin: Meet The First Stacks Accelerator Cohort

Since that magical week in Berlin when the world of Stacks and crypto was really first revealed to me, I knew someday I'd return to the other world I'd just come from: Accelerators.

Having worked at Techstars and Startup Weekend up to that point, I got to witness the power of community, and of putting entrepreneurs in a position to succeed, first-hand. Now, with the Stacks Accelerator in full swing, it's all come full circle. It's been just three months since the Stacks Accelerator launched, but we couldn't be more hopeful for the first cohort of teams.

Trevor, Alex, Grace, and Victoria of the Stacks Accelerator team have done an incredible job of recruiting talented founders, putting a rich program in place, and working with the Stacks Foundation and broader ecosystem to bring teams the resources they need.

With so many innovative and hardworking teams on board, the Accelerator program serves to benefit the ecosystem for years to come—in fact, 80% of profits go right back into future cohorts. It's builders fueling future builders as they create value and become successful.

Fundamentally, building with Stacks is building on Bitcoin. The capabilities of the Stacks blockchain position us squarely at the nexus of a seismic shift in the way the internet serves and rewards those that make it valuable in the first place: its users.

At the Stacks Foundation, we're honored to be supporting these 25 pioneering teams that make up the inaugural Stacks Accelerator class and who are pushing the mission of Stacks meaningfully forward:

  • ALEX: Open source lending protocol built for developers on Stacks to lend and borrow Bitcoin

  • Arkadiko: xUSD is the first stablecoin on Stacks where your collateral earns a Bitcoin yield.

  • Blocksurvey: Secure forms and surveys without BlockSurvey having access to your data.

  • Bransfer: Allows 5x lower fees and 10x faster speeds for BTC transfers between exchanges.

  • Eggschain: Inventory management and patented chain of custody technology for tracking genetic material (sperm, eggs, DNA).

  • Glowcase: An NFT showcase platform that allows collectors to discover NFTs based on themes and arrange them in 3D showcases

  • GoSats: Get free Bitcoin when you shop. GoSats is an easy way to earn and accumulate Bitcoin by shopping for products you need online.

  • HireVibes: A hiring platform with a built-in reward system in Bitcoin and its native token, HireVibes Tokens.

  • Layer: NFT minting and marketing workflow for agencies and digital galleries.

  • Lucidefi: A decentralized exchange focused on Asia that leverages AI-based trading for better returns.

  • Cryptomate: A decentralized exchange for P2P and OTC operations with AI and social technologies.

  • Moon: Convert your BTC into a VISA card, instantly and without KYC.

  • Momento: TikTok for NFTs.

  • Novum Insights: DeFi data analytics and yield farming.

  • Oby: A suite of decentralized finance products on Stacks.

  • Open Art Source: A marketplace with blockchain-secured ownership records and AI-image recognition provenance to connect NFTs with physical art. 

  • Pravica: Peer-to-peer, end-to-end encrypted chat and email apps that don’t ask for any personal data to open an account.

  • Rare Sense: Celebrity NFTs that are redeemable for special access or interactions.

  • Rcrdshp: NFT music collectibles for fans of electronic music.

  • Risidio: Artist NFT marketplace for supporting charities and working with Cara Delavingne, Chemical X, Fatboy Slim, and others.

  • SEEK: A marketplace for short-term work where workers own their data, history, and reviews.

  • Sigle: Write once, read forever. A blogging site where writers own their data and can monetize through subscribers.

  • Sustainable Bitcoin Standard: Making Bitcoin carbon neutral. Carbon credits system and certifications for BTC miners.

  • Tontine Trust: A tontine pension fund with transparent accounting on the blockchain.

  • BlockTech: Higher education diplomas as NFTs to combat diploma fraud in Pakistan.

These teams are building the user-owned internet. We encourage you to connect with and support them however you can! You can find the above list, along with links to each team's website on the Stacks Accelerator site, and also engage with the teams directly by joining the #accelerator-general channel in Discord.

Last but not least, congratulations to all the teams!

Mitchell Cuevas, Head of Growth at the Stacks Foundation

Stacks (CRYPTO: STX), an internet project revolving around adding smart contracts and decentralized applications or DApps functionality to Bitcoin has announced 25 investments across industry verticals through its Stacks Accelerator program.

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