New US Listing: Adds Stacks

You can now purchase STX on the Exchange. The listing serves US purchasers as well as global users and includes STX-USDT, STX-USDC, and STX-USD pairs.

This is a move we've been excited about since the launch of Stacks 2.0 and adds yet another dimension to the team's support of Stacks and a better internet on Bitcoin. The team has been working to bring crypto to the masses for over 10 years, boasting the most popular wallet in the world and one of the most longstanding and reliable Bitcoin block explorers. Notably, 1/3rd (!) of bitcoin network transactions happen via

Without a doubt, the Stacks Ecosystem and share a deep commitment to Bitcoin, its position as the foundation for a better internet, and the continued expansion of what’s possible on the network. For more, see this blog post,'s release, or jump straight to trading.

Keep reading to see what builders brought to Bitcoin this week, don't miss the 'Featured Stories' below, and please join the community at one of these upcoming events featuring Stacks:

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Featured Stories

Eggschain, a Stacks Accelerator team and a healthcare technology company that combines genetics and blockchain to track genetic material, announced its pioneering, patented solution for tracking and tracing the storage and transfer of blood, genome, tissues, organs, DNA, RNA, sperm, eggs, embryos, and other biospecimens.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez discusses the launch of ‘MiamiCoin’ (which is built on Stacks) & the evolution of the city’s "tech ecosystem". Suarez says the city is focused on "differentiating its economy" by "creating the new wave of technological products".

Jolocom, a Stacks Grant recipient, launched their new GDPR-compliant and Stacks supported blockchain identity management app, SmartWallet 2.0. By using blockchain to provide identity management, users can store their identity documents on their device, control who can see their documents, and understand how their identity is used.

Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin DeFi

Stacks developers showed off the ability to make native swaps to the Bitcoin main blockchain. Users will be able to do trustless BTC swaps to stablecoins, derivatives, perpetuals, and other crypto assets. All by pure Bitcoin transactions on the main BTC chain.

One project aiming to combine the features of DeFi with the security of the Bitcoin network is Stacks (STX), a layer-one blockchain protocol designed to bring smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) to the Bitcoin network.

Despite Ethereum being the blockchain of choice for smart-contract capabilities, there has been a push to bring decentralized finance to the Bitcoin network.

Meltem Demirors shared her excitement for the upcoming Arkadiko mainnet launch, which is set to leverage the unique relationship between Stacks and Bitcoin to enable unique self-paying loans.

Stacker Chats: Talking Bitcoin DeFi and @jack

On the latest edition of 'Stacker Chats' Gina & Muneeb talk cross-chain Bitcoin transactions on Stacks and Jack Dorsey's new Bitcoin DeFi project.

Bitcoin NFTs

First Edition Boombox rewards are going to be distributed soon (at Stacks block 24000). Holders will see annualized returns of over 20%! Meanwhile, Boom contributor Friedger (@fmdroid) completed the first trustless Boombox swap for Bitcoin with his Catamaran swap, marking the first Stacks NFT traded for Bitcoin.

Must Read/See

To help developers get started building smart contracts with Clarity more easily, we’ve compiled a list of the most useful and popular Clarity keywords and functions.

ALEX’s core product is essentially a zero-coupon bond (in conventional finance) powered by Stacks. A key benefit of this product is reduced uncertainty about a loan’s interest rate, resulting in better financial planning.

Clarinet is our new go-to tool for local Clarity smart contract development. It is designed to facilitate rapid smart contract development, testing, and deployment. It consists of a Clarity REPL and a testing harness.

Recently, NFTs have captured the public’s imagination across multiple blockchain ecosystems. Stacks is no exception: developers want to build NFTs and NFT platforms with smart contracts secured by the power of Bitcoin. To support this growing interest, we’ve shipped a new NFT tutorial and additional documentation about tokens and Proof of Transfer (PoX).

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