Q3 2023: Building Naka路mojo路

馃煣 Unleashing Layers, London, and more.

Building on Bitcoin has truly found its mojo. We鈥檙e hot off Bitcoin Unleashed in London, where one of the world鈥檚 hottest crypto hubs had a front-row seat to the blossoming world of Bitcoin layers.

The current trend: Projects continue to pop up, offering new takes and tools as developers look to build on Bitcoin. We鈥檝e seen updates from the likes of Babylon, BitVM, Lightning, Chainway, ZeroSync, Ark, RSK, Stacks, and others.

The current vibe: Every layer and scaling solution is a good thing for Bitcoin and the builders trying to unleash the Bitcoin economy.

On the Stacks end of the Bitcoin ecosystem, core contributors have organized around shipping key releases expected to unlock sub-5 second block times and 100% Bitcoin finality (Nakamoto), and a 1:1 Bitcoin-backed asset (sBTC) that can seamlessly move between the L1 and the L2.

Below, we鈥檝e collected the biggest news from the past quarter, but don鈥檛 forget you can keep up on a weekly basis with Stacks Snacks too.

To keeping your Naka路mojo路,
Mitchell & the Stacks Foundation Team

PS: Need more convincing about Bitcoin L2s? Read more here and here.

馃煣 Upgrades Ahead: Nakamoto & sBTC

The ecosystem continues building toward the release of Nakamoto and sBTC. At Bitcoin Unleashed, the sBTC Developer Release was revealed, allowing the over 200 attendees at the EasyA hackathon and 150 testnet program participants the opportunity to test an initial version of sBTC.

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To follow along closely with the Nakamoto and sBTC upgrades, you can subscribe to the sBTC Resident鈥檚 email updates and/or follow the progress of Working Groups on Github! You can also find the latest version of the SIPs for Nakamoto v1 and sBTC.

On the ecosystem side, Copper became the first major player to indicate their intended support for Nakamoto and sBTC. They did so while announcing their integration of Stacks, bringing custody and Stacking services to STX and all Stacks-based tokens.

馃啓 Other Integrations & Improvements:

馃憖 Looking at Stacks

Several people, from investors to developers took a deeper look at Stacks this quarter and shared their thoughts.

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馃搯 Events & Builder Initiatives