Solving the Bitcoin write problem

Growing the Bitcoin Economy with the Stacks Bitcoin Layer. Introducing sBTC and the ‘Nakamoto’ Release of Stacks.

Last week was a big one for the Stacks ecosystem. On Wednesday, two new whitepapers were released detailing how to solve a longstanding roadblock for Bitcoin builders and an important proposed Stacks upgrade. On Friday, Stacks 2.1 was officially approved by the community after record-breaking voter turnout.

Below is a quick intro for each whitepaper and links to read the full PDFs as well as additional resources and reading.

-The Stacks Foundation team

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sBTC: This paper discusses a trustless two-way Bitcoin peg system: sBTC. This peg system can help us fulfill the rest of the original vision of Stacks by enabling trustless writing to Bitcoin. Stacks 2.0 brought Clarity and the ‘read’ access; sBTC is the remaining missing ‘write’ piece for a fully expressive Bitcoin layer that can unlock hundreds of billions in Bitcoin capital.

Stacks Whitepaper: The Nakamoto Release with a Trustless Bitcoin Peg. This paper describes changes to the Stacks Bitcoin layer needed to enable the trustless functioning of the newly proposed sBTC asset described in the first paper as well as faster block times and other improvements.

More reactions and recaps from the community:

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